Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control

ARD Pest Control appreciates and understands how important your business is to your livelihood and that your customers expect the highest of standards when they enter your business.

We realize all that it takes to run your business on a daily basis.  Let ARD Pest Control handle your business’ pest control needs to ensure you meet all regulations and/or company compliance standards.  ARD Pest control covers South Carolina and Georgia on a commercial basis and can create pricing for businesses ranging from one location to large or multi-state locations.

Pest Control for the Restaurant Industry

In any establishment where food is stored or handled, proper pest control is crucial to operating a clean, safe, and regulatory compliant restaurant. Wherever there is food, there is a high risk of infestation, and your employees need to be conscious of this risk and take the correct measurements to ensure an infestation does not happen.

ARD Pest Control is food safe certified and will only use food-safe chemicals in food prep areas or areas where food is handled. We’ll visit your restaurant after hours so as not to disrupt your business or alarm customers.

Superior Communication

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of knowing what’s taking place inside your business at all times. That’s why we have made communication a differentiator for our services versus our competition.

  • Using Pest Pac software, you will be able to log in to a secure account from anywhere that has Internet access and review your account 24/7. You’ll see records of our visit along with photos of any problem areas our technicians recognized during their visit.
  • A communication log is kept at your location to communicate any issues with your day-to-day managers. Your employees need to report any sightings of pests on the communications log, and of course, ARD will follow-up and address any pest control issues. This provides you with a record of the issue and the ARD tech was dealt with the problem.
  • MSDS sheets are provided at your location for all chemicals used for pest control in your business and also for any inspections.  These can play a vital role in corporate compliance.

As a business owner, you realize that your company needs to have a pest control plan in motion to prevent any problems. ARD Pest Control can design the perfect plan for your business to keep it pest and rodent free with thorough inspections, preventive measures, professional maintenance and the proper treatment of pest and rodent hot spots.

We serve a variety of industries, and with the help of ARD Pest Control, you can forget about the pests and concentrate on running a successful business. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about your business’ pest control needs.