Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to pest control, many people often have the same questions regarding what is included in plans, what to expect from a termite bond, and how to estimate costs. Below, we’ve answered some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

  • A. The upfront cost depends on the plan. Coverage for each silver plan is $299.00 + $75.00 for the first quarter = $374.00; Gold plan is $299.00 + $135.00 for the first quarter = $434.00; Platinum Plan is $299.00 + $225.00 for the first quarter = $524.00. Add $100.00 to any of these plans if your home is greater than 2500 sq. feet.

  • A. Unless you catch a special, it is $75.00 for a one-time spray. All sprays are guaranteed for 90 days.

  • A. A one-year contract includes a spray each 90 days, which means 4 times spraying inside and outside of your home. The current price is $240.00 per year.

  • A. A deductible bond works just as it does on your car: you have a wreck (or in this case termite damage), you pay the deductible, and then the insurance (or termite bond) pays for the rest. With termite bonds, the deductible is usually $1000.00. ARD Pest Control has non-deductible termite bonds, which means you pay nothing if you get termite damage.

  • A. The industry standard is 1 time a year. With ARD’s silver plan, our techs come 2 times a year and with our Gold or Platinum Plan, we’ll come 4 times a year.

  • A. This one will shock you! There are 2 ways to treat bedbugs: heat, as in temperature, or chemicals. Heat treatment means we erect a tent inside the affected room and raise the temperature in the room to 140 degrees for 12 hours. This costs $2000.00 per treatment whereas the chemical treatment is $500.00 per room. What is the catch? The chemical treatment usually involves throwing your mattress and box springs away and washing nearly everything else in the room at the local commercial laundry.

  • A. Pest Control companies start on the low side, then traditionally raise your annual fee every 2 years. ARD guarantees the annual on your bond will not increase for the life of the bond, even if termites are found!