Mice & Rodent Control

Mice and rodents can be one of the most challenging pests to eradicate from your home and yard and they are known to carry a number of diseases. They’ll leave droppings around your home, eat your cardboard and paper to create burrows, nibble on your food, and leave your family exposed to numerous contaminants. They can also bring in additional pests, like fleas and ticks, to plague your pets.

Mice and rodents multiply fast and can have up to 80 offspring per year, creating large colonies fast in attics, under porches, in garages, and even under concrete. Quick action to eliminate them is not only highly advisable but necessary.

How Our Pest Control Experts Can Help

If your store-bought products aren’t effective, call our professionals at ARD Pest Control as soon as possible. One of our experts will come to your home and complete an inspection to locate where mice and rodents typically gain access to your interior spaces.

We will use our experience to effectively rid your home of rodents – including no-kill traps, if you prefer.  Our professional knowledge and know-how will rid your home of these pests. For homeowners experiencing problems outdoors or major infestations indoors, ARD will share our treatment methods and determine the best way to solve your problem.  These pests are tricky and are excellent at surviving and breeding. Rest assured, you can count on ARD Pest Control to stick with you until they’re gone for good.

Contact ARD Pest Control and Take Control Back from Mice and Rodents

If you’re struggling to get rid of these pesky critters and just keep seeing more and more of them despite your efforts to trap or kill them, contact the friendliest and most effective pest control experts in Columbia, SC. Get in touch with the pros at ARD Pest Control and find out how we can help you with specialized mice and rodent eradication methods.