The Ard Pest Control Difference

Ard Pest Control Difference

At ARD, we proudly offer our customers the most aggressive pest control plans and termite bonds in the industry. We want to keep you pest-free at prices that are unmatched by our competitors, especially for the high-level of pest control service you receive. Take a look at just what sets us apart from your typical pest control company.

Rate Lock Guarantee

We offer a guarantee on all our plans, including termite bonds. We guarantee that your annual cost for your termite bond will never rise for the life of the bond, which is either a 5- or 10-year bond.

On our Gold and Platinum plans, you also get a rate lock on your pest control cost.  With the Gold or Platinum plans, you lock in the current pest control price for the life of the bond, so 5 or 10 years down the road, you're still paying the same price as when you started the termite bond.

Non-Deductible Termite Bonds

The industry standard termite bond has a $1000.00 deductible, which means you as the homeowner are responsible for the first $1000.00 of damage repair should you get termites. With ARD, there is no deductible – if you get termites, ARD pays fully for the repair cost. And with our rate lock guarantee, your annual cannot go up. You are covered from day one!

Brio Stack 

Our software allows our customers to manage their accounts on line 24/7/365. The Brio Stack software uses a secure connection with login and password protection to secure your information. You can see when our technicians arrive and leave your home or office, what we did while we were there and review your entire account history with the click of a mouse. You can even email us comments on our techs and request appointments all while on line. This is our commitment to customer service and is provided at no additional cost to you.

Low, Low Up-Front Cost

Generally, a termite bond on an average size house can cost homeowners between $800.00 and $2500.00 up-front. With ARD Pest Control, a house is $199.00 up front for the termite bond. Even after your bond ends with ARD and it is time to renew, your up front cost is ZERO Dollars. We want you as a customer for life, not for a while.


The industry standard is to check your home once a year for termites. At ARD, we check our customers a minimum of twice a year, with our Gold and Platinum Plan customers receiving checks 4 times per year. We go the extra distance to protect your largest investment – the place where your family lives – your home!

Customer Discounts

Existing customers get a 15% discount on emergencies and other pests, like mice, rats, bats and the countless others we all encounter. As an ARD Customer, your rate for a service call is just $60.00 – compared to $75.00 for others – and you get 15% off the normal charge for all supplies used.

If you are an ARD customer buying a second or new home and need a CL-100 certification, our normal charge of $100.00 is reduced to $75.00. Need to transfer your termite bond to new homeowners? Our charge for transferring the bond to the new owners is just $75.00, well below that of our competition and another discount for our future customers.

The ARD Pest Control Difference is our serious commitment to customer service by saving you money and protecting your home. Find out why termite control is an integral part of our pest control plans and how our ARD technicians can help you fight these pests.