Mice / Rodents

Mice / Rodents

One of the most quickly breeding pests, mice produce 3 to 14 young in a single litter, and they only take 19-21 days to gestate. Once born, females reach maturity at six weeks and males at eight weeks. This means that if a pregnant female mouse saunters into your property and doesn't get caught, you could have over 100 mice in your home or business within just 11 to 12 weeks. Their prolific breeding cycle is one of the reasons that if you have mice, you cannot delay in eliminating them.

What Attracts Mice?

Mice are attracted to shelter from the cold and a ready supply of snacks. Crumbs, bowls of pet food on the floor and even open bags of food in the pantry can all attract mice, and if you want to keep them at bay, you need to be vigilant about reducing the food sources around your home or office.

What Are the Signs of Mice?

In most cases, the first sign of mice is their droppings. They have small black scat that looks about like a kiwi seed. Typically, the droppings appear along the edges or corners of rooms where mice scurry from place to place. They also pop up in the back of drawers or cabinets – especially when those areas contain snacks.

What Harm Do Mice Cause?

House mice can ruin bags of food by destroying their packaging, and they can also leave their waste inside. Even though they are generally disgusting, they spread disease relatively rarely, especially compared to rats. In particular, mice can spread Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, a relatively mild and sometimes unnoticed disease, and rickettsialpox, a very rare disease similar to chicken pox with no known fatalities.

Mice can also chew through wires, breaking them or even potentially triggering fires. They chew through walls, blankets or clothing in storage, and they can even rip up carpet under furniture to create nests for their young.

Contact ARD to Deal with Your Mice Problem

In addition to hiding food or putting it in thick, plastic containers that mice cannot chew through, you need to block their entries into your home. Professional ARD Technicians will identify the problem areas, block their entries into your home and rid your home of the pest.

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